A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, December 23, 2011

the bug is in the house

we have been invaded by the flu bug. fletcher had a nice bout with it starting monday afternoon. i tried to catch it, then realizing it wasn't going all in my hands, i let it cover the entire top section of our area rug. i got it cleaned up about the time the second round was happening. at  least i could just wipe it from the hard wood, which was much easier than i'm sure carpet would be. he was icky through wednesday evening. pretty lethargic, no appetite and very tired. i thought everything was going to be fine when i woke up thursday morning. turns out, B had her first touch of that darn bug. she had her morning bottle, which she wasn't overly excited about, but drank anyway. i picked her up when she was done and with turn of the head and a baby burp, i was wearing what she just drank. i was so not thrilled. hers only lasted about 8 hours which i was very thankful for. she still doesn't have a huge appetite and is a bit more whiny than usual, but there's no vomit. guess who has it now? not this lady! the hubby wanted to take a turn this morning. he's been running back and forth to the bathroom all day. at least i don't have to clean up after him. at this point, i'm ready for my house to be bug free so i can get on with the holiday. i'm really going to be mad if my christmas is messed up because my family is sick. the end.
hoping the bug doesn't invade your house. merry christmas all, stay healthy.

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