A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 months, baby!

nine months sure seems forever when you're pregnant, but once that baby is out, time sure flies. baby girl was officially ten months on sunday.

she is starting to talk way more than she has been. she just babbles all the time when someone is paying attention to her. she loves to flash her smile whenever she catches your eye. she has a mean pout on her. if things don't go her way, the lip is out instantly. adam says she gets that from me...i'm not denying it. 

sleeping has never been a topic brynlee likes. she finally started sleeping through the night a little more than a month ago and i cherished every minute of uninterrupted sleep. lately, she has been getting up between 430 and 530 and thinking she needs to stay up...i DO.NOT.like it. some days she decides to skip her morning catnap and by noon, she is a bear. however, on those days, she does take a good three hour nap. if she does decide to snooze a bit in the morning, she usually goes down around 1p and sleeps for a couple hours. i have started putting her in her crib, regardless if fletcher is in the room or not. i NEED my peace and quiet.

she is a piglet. if she sees food, she thinks she needs it. she usually eats whatever i make, unless it's spicy or something i know she shouldn't have. there isn't really anything she doesn't like, which is okay with me, now if her brother would be the same way about food. she loves her some graham crackers and surprisingly is very clean with them. she has been spitting a lot lately, so she only gets 4 or 5 ounce bottles, four times a day. it's under the amount babies her age are suppose to get, but it works for us.

baby girl has been very mobile the last three months or so and is still moving every chance she gets. she loves to stand and if there is something in reach that she can pull up on, she will. she has mastered the slide steps and just recently figured out how to go down the slide on her belly, feet first. she's already a daredevil. it doesn't help that her brother is teaching her these things. with christmas a week and a half away, my bet of her walking by then is probably not going to be reached. she is standing alone, for a few seconds, but then falls to the floor when she realizes she's not holding on to anything.

*she has two teeth on the bottom and the top left has finally broke through...after an agonizing three weeks. her right tooth is there now, but not giving her any pain.
*still wearing size 4 diapers at night and size 3 during the day.
*she loves her brother to pieces. he doesn't always feel the same.
*she got her first pair of sneakers. size 2. white and pink. oh, so little!
*still a happy baby, most of the time.
*stranger anxiety is at a high. if she doesn't see me (or daddy) she usually freaks.
*working on a sippy. she just doesn't get that she needs to tip her head back and lift the cup.
*weight 21ish pounds, height 27 and 3/4 inches

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