A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pinterest dids-vol. 1

i've attempted to write a few posts about the things i've pinned and did, but it always seems like more work than i want to do at the time. i've started by taking pictures and doing a few step by step posts, but the pictures aren't great. i take pictures of the final product, but then they just sit on my camera forever. by the time i upload them, i have about 5 pinterest posts needing to be done, and then i'm back at 'more work than i want'. so, i'm going to link to the original pin i pinned from. please keep in mind that i am a perfectionist and all of the dids are much better than the pinned picture...okay, maybe not, but anyway, i pinned and i did-so there.

1. my huge zucchini became this. it was good.
2. i made this, minus the water and less cinnamon.
3. i made this for the boy. do you know how hard it is to find plain sponges with out the scrubby thing?!?
4. i've made a few of these. the boys love them. they squish them and throw them. super easy.
5. bought a clearanced pencil bag and made this, cheaper. little boy doesn't 'get it', but my nephew enjoyed it when he was here.
6. i've stenciled a few things.
7. i've done this and plan to do a few more.

i'll leave you with that for now. i have a list of at least 20 more things and by the time i post those, i'm sure i'll have 20 more things to share. what have you pinned and did?

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  1. I love Pintrest, and I'm so stinkin' impressed by your accomplishments. I can't decide which I love more--maybe the playdough filled balloons! I'll need to read up on those. :)