A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michigan v. Iowa

my husband is a michigan fan. i was an iowa fan when we got married. i now cheer for both, but who do you pick when they are playing each other? 
one of my good friends has six season tickets and her and her daughter weren't able to go, so adam and i were asked, since she knew adam is a die hard fan. we were looking forward to the game, especially since it was suppose to be 56 and partly sunny. anyway, we left at 5am to make the two hour drive to kinnick. we got there and it was still dark. i don't like to be awake in the morning if it is still dark. we got a very close parking spot, since hollie's dad has a handicap tag. once we were ready to get out of the heated van, we set up for our tailgating breakfast and early morning beer drinking. 

 we got back in the van while john made breakfast. sausage croissants and everything hashbrowns...yum! i knew one of my college roommates was going to be at the game, so i called her up to see if we were even semi close to one and other, and we were...only a parking lot away.
 oh, how i miss my steffani. we walked over to where she was tailgating with her family and hung out. she said that another girl we played softball with was on her way there too. we had to get a picture for old times sake. jessie, steff and me. i think the last time we had a picture like this, we were all underage.
 we got in just as they were announcing the honorary captain, who just happened to be tim dwight, former hawkeye. it was pretty neat seeing the teams come out and the cheerleaders/dance team do their thing. although i was wearing michigan, i was secretly rooting for iowa (don't tell the hubs).

 it was a pretty good game. the game came down to the last play with just a few seconds left. michigan had the ball and was very close to the endzone. they just needed to score and it would have been tied, going into overtime, however, the ball was batted away by an iowa player and they won. this was a huge win for them, considering they had lost to minnesota the week before.
we had a good time. we were frozen by the end of the game because 56 was really 30...boo to the meteorologists who predicted WRONG...and boo for me wanting to believe them and not taking enough warm clothes.

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  1. I love that you ponied-up and started beer drinking at breakfast!