A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, November 10, 2011

about three weeks ago, we loaded the car and headed north. we went to visit my brother and his family for a nice weekend getaway. we arrived later than we thought we would, due to an unplanned trip to wal-mart to replace the sunshade that crapped out on us, a much needed dinner break and a stop to soothe an unhappy baby girl. we arrived, said hi and chatted for a few minutes, got two littles ready for bed and we all were asleep probably before we hit the pillows. 

saturday morning was great. the hubs got up with the kids and let me sleep in...until 8:15. the rest of the house awoke, breakfast was served and then sonja and i went to do a little shopping while the boys stayed at the house with the kids. it was so nice out, that when we got back, we suggested a trip to the park.
 {experiencing the slide...kinda}
 {not face, fletch}
 {gracie and fletcher trying to climb the slide}
 {tent the showoff} 
 {sliding with my boy}
 {jason and gracie}
 {brynlee loved the swings}
 {adam loved the slide. he went down more than once}

more people started showing up, so we gathered our troops and walked over to the school playground. the curly slide was amazing and the teeter-totters were just as fun at 31 as they were at 10. we had a good time playing and letting the kids get rid of extra energy. 
 {alycia and fletcher walking to the playground}
 {teeter-totter time}
 {b enjoyed swinging with aunt sonja}
 {gracie, fletcher and alycia climbing to the top}
{i think they love the teeter-totter as much as me}

on sunday, we got up and went to church. we came home and just hung out the rest of the day. it was dreary out, so we watched nascar, football and the world series game. it was a nice time just relaxing and hanging out with my brother and his family. we got up monday morning and headed back home, with a little stop to ikea in minneapolis. no huge purchases, but i will be back. it's just an excuse to visit more often.


  1. Your family is beautiful! It looks like it was a wonderful weekend!