A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, November 11, 2011

9 months baby

the B is officially 9 months old, as of 10:10 pm. here's a bit of an update on what she's been up to lately.

*broke her FIRST tooth through last thursday and is currently working on three more. i thought one was bad, three is unbearable...for me. the whiny, fussy, snotty, drooly baby is not much fun. she doesn't want to be held, but heaven forbid if you put her down. there's just no middle with this kid. hyland teething tabs, baby orajel and tylenol have been my friend.

*she has been crawling for over two months now. she's been pulling herself up for about that long too. she scoots around in her walker and walks along furniture like she's a pro. she also has a few toys that she pushes and walks behind. i think she'll be walking by christmas.

*her sleep habits have kinda changed. so, a few weeks ago, i took her to the dr. because i thought she may have had an ear infection (she had been grabbing at her ears A LOT). our pediatrician wasn't working, so we saw a different dr. we talked, she checked B over and was ok, then she wanted to talk about her sleeping habits. i told her what we do and then she suggested to me that we change her bedtime and let her 'cry it out'. we did that with fletcher and had no problem, i was just worried that her crying would wake him and dealing with one was a lot easier than two, so we had just been catering to the little night owl. anyway, her bedtime has been moved up an hour or so and is now sleeping through the night. if she wakes, we just pat her back and put her paci back in and walk out and she usually goes back to sleep. i have almost caught up on lost sleep in the past 9 months.

*she loves food. she will eat just about anything i put in front of her. i had always said that i wanted to be done with baby food by 9 months, and although we aren't done, i will not be buying any more. my sister had found a stock pile she had for the twins and gave that to us, so we are set. she usually gets some sort of bread  product and fruit for breakfast. lunch is usually what the boys eat and she may get a baby food container than. depending how spicy our supper is, depends if she eats that. she is getting three or four bottles a day, but never more than 24oz a day. she gets a sippy of water whenever she has snack. she knows what to do with it, but has a bit of a hard time figuring to raise the cup so she can get the liquid out.

*she is wearing size 3 and 4 diapers. before she was on table food, she was mostly wearing 4's because her dirties would run up the back, now that they are more solid, she can wear a 3 and everything is contained and there is rarely a clothing change. size 4 is worn at night.

*she's wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes. she is definitely at the in between point for clothes. they are either too short or too  long.

*she is a daredevil already. she was caught climbing into her bouncy seat, standing up and rocking in it. she has mastered the two slide steps and made it to the platform. i'm glad she hasn't discovered the slide yet. she thinks she can play with the boys and be all rough with them. she's even attempted the stairs a few times.

*she 'talks' all the time. she says da da, but doesn't know what it means. she has a lot of other sounds that she says regularly too. she loves to be talked to. her brother loves to talk to her also. i'm pretty sure her first complete sentence will be, 'fletcher, stop it.' she hears it enough and he's always messing with her...it wouldn't surprise me.

*she blows raspberries a lot more than she ever used to. most of the time, this occurs during eating time. whether she's feeding herself or i'm feeding her, she thinks it's funny. her brother thinks it's funny too. i only think it's funny when i'm not getting sprayed with spit.

*she loves the dog. she loves electric cords (i don't love that). she loves to be in the middle of the action. she loves being outside. she loves bathtime. she loves exploring. my girl definitely keeps me on my toes.

we go on wednesday for her 9 month appointment. i'll be sure to post her stats then. and an update on those darn teeth that are trying to come through.

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  1. loved reading this update!! I didn't realize Emery and your daughter were so close in age! And I cannot BELIEVE how mobile yours is! So cute!