A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, October 7, 2011

zoo tots, take 2

last week we had another zoo tots class. this session was titled, "home sweet home" and talked about different animals and where they live. upon arrival, little boy was given a color sheet to do while we waited for   class to start. 
once all the kids arrived, there was a story read about different kinds of animal homes.

then it was snack time. he was making ants in a hill, using chocolate pudding (mud), crushed graham crackers (ant hill), and chocolate chips (ants). it was kinda need to watch him assemble it...and then mix it all together. he had just had lunch before we got to class, so he wasn't too hungry. he ate a few bits, but i finished it off. it was a pretty tasty treat.
after snack was cleaned up,we got to meet this guy. the girl teaching the class showed the kids how he uses his shell as his home and how he pulls his head in when he's scared. she then went around and the kids could pet him.
the last thing was an art project. we made bee hives...another type of home. this was a neat activity, but for 2-4 year olds, it was a bit advanced. i think i did everything accept put the black circles on the bag. fletcher played with the pipe cleaners while i made the bees...at least it kept him entertained.

since we were there and it was a gorgeous day, we walked around a bit. we stopped to see the flamingos. i swear they are always in a big group, standing in the same area.
we went down to see the lemurs. we don't usually go see them because they are tucked into a spot out of the way, but they seemed active and there weren't any other people there. little boy wanted up, so he sat on the railing and we watched them for a few minutes.
and a trip to the zoo isn't complete without seeing the monkeys. you can tell that my monkey was thoroughly enjoying them.

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