A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

park trip

last week we had a few warm days again, so i walked the kids down to the park.  all day, i was wanting to get out of the house, but all the options were backfiring.  finally, after dealing with three crabbies for six hours, i was going to succeed somehow.  luckily little boy was willing to sit uncomfortably for five minutes to the park.  daycare boy and baby girl tolerated the trip as well. 
 daycare boy wasn't sure at first, but little boy showed him the way.  it wasn't long before they were running around like they owned the place.
 little boy knew exactly how to get to the big, twisty slide.  there was no hesitation once he left daycare boy on the 'baby' slide.

 he made it to the top, and was very proud of himself for doing so.
monkey see, monkey do.  daycare boy watches little boy very closely.  he wanted to try and make it to the twisty slide too...only he couldn't make it up to the second bar without whining. 

 baby girl was a happy camper the whole time the boys got to play.  she just sat and smiled, dreaming of all the fun she will be having next year when we visit the park.
 daycare boy opted for the 'baby' slide again.
 and i thought baby girl should get out and roam.  all the roaming was done by her hands, picking up the leaves in their way and finding her big, open watering hole mouth.  she ate a few...want to know how i know this?
 we ended our park visit at the swingset. they pretty much loved it. they screamed at me when i made them get back in the wagon. i'm glad i don't know what they were saying, because i'm pretty sure it wasn't nice.
after huffing and puffing up the little hill (remember that i was pulling a wagon with 3 kids in it), the boys were still not happy. i was out of breath and sweaty and way ready for an adult beverage.

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