A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, October 31, 2011

just pickin'

earlier this month last month, we went to adam's dad's one saturday to do a little apple and tomato picking. we did it last year and little boy enjoyed it and i wanted to do it again. after doing it this year, i think it is going to become a tradition for us each october. 
 little boy did a good job picking apples. some were too hard for him to pull off, but his facial expressions when trying were pretty funny. we filled a bucket with apples. i could have picked more, but we didn't have anything to put them in.
 this sweet thing was so tired and cranky. she did however get in on her first apple picking adventure. she wasn't too thrilled about it though. she fell asleep after being out there for 10 minutes. she loves to be outside, so i knew she would calm down and eventually fall asleep. i'm sure next year it will be more exciting for her.
 after picking the apples, we moved over to the tomato plants. there were tons of them and there were tons of ripe tomatoes begging to be picked. little boy's prize winning pick...the ugly green tomato.
 after ever pick, he'd hold it up and say 'cheese'. he was very proud of his picking.
 the daddy took a picture of me helping the boy. he was trying to copy adam by putting them in his shirt to hold, while he picked more. only thing is, his shirts aren't that big and his coordination just wasn't there.
 little boy took this picture of us. he did a pretty good job. any guesses what he's getting for christmas? i'll just say it's 'kid tough'.
 this is what we went home with. there was a lot of peeling and cutting and stirring in my future. four and a half quarts of tomatoes and three quarts of applesauce so far. i need to finish the apples this weekend.
 when we were loading the goods in the car, little boy saw some leftover food we had from our trip to the pumpkin patch. he's pretty smart and remembered that it was to feed the goats. he insisted that we go feed the rest to pops and nana's goats.
 i'm so glad he isn't afraid of them. he was petting them and feeding them. he just laughed as they licked and nibbled at his hands.

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