A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

flapjack run

september is national childhood cancer awareness month. since childhood cancer has been something regularly talked about in my family the past year, due to the diagnosis of my niece, we have participated in many events to support cancer and research. on the morning of  september 11th, we put on our walking clothes, loaded the kids in strollers and met my parents and my sister's family to participate in the flapjack 5K/10K. this is the largest fundraising events for the children's cancer connection and it helps spread awareness about the disease. 
my brother-in-law has been on a running kick lately, so he was the only one who ran, while the rest of us walked. we walked past the 1 mile marker because it was a nice morning and we had plenty of time before we needed to be at the finish line to cheer for paul. we chatted, stopped and watched the runners and a few of us walked to a nearby bridge to check things out. 

we made our way back, found a spot in the shade to wait for paul as he made his way to the finish line. he had five little fans cheering him on.

 princess camryn
 the fletch
 he's getting closer
 there he is
go, paul, go!
this was suppose to be a picture of EVERYONE, but the moron taking the picture obviously didn't realize we wanted the little people in strollers in it too. 
my sis and her family

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