A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, September 29, 2011

wedding crashers

a few weeks ago, my parents were invited to a wedding and we tagged along to the reception. anything for free food, right? well, we weren't invitation invited, but we were asked by the mother of the bride, so i took it as a formal invite. we were really hard up for a free meal, so that's what i focused on for the evening...joking!
the wedding party was announced, and then went immediately into the dancing and cake cutting. the food was good, but the set up was a little odd. cheese and crackers were outside the ballroom during happy hour, then moved inside. once we were inside, the hot appetizers came out...chicken skewers, meatball things, stuffed pastries and these zucchini things. 

the other food was set up as stations. in one corner, there were two soup choices and pork loin and rolls. in another corner, there was a mashed potato bar, with ALL the fixins. in another corner, there was a coffee table and ice cream sundae bar. the way it was set up was a bit odd (only because i've never seen anything like it before), but the food was delicious. i'm glad we decided to go...oh, and the alcohol was FREE!!!
brynlee got a little grandpa time while i was eating.
 fletcher made sure that he got every last drip of ice cream.
 and when baby girl was tired, she got some grandma cuddles,
while little boy danced with grandpa.

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