A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, September 12, 2011

B at 7 months

the biggest change from the last post is that i officially have a crawler. she started doing the 'normal baby crawl' about a week and a half ago and from there, she figured out how to get herself into a seated position. she has also figured out how to pull herself up on things that are low to the ground. she usually just gets to her knees, but a few times she's made it to her feet. it's pretty exciting when she does something new, but i'm just not ready for her to start walking yet. 

her sleep habits have gone out the window. she is not very predictable anymore. some nights she'll sleep through til 6am and others she's up three times between midnight and 3am. i don't like this very much. i know that its a part of raising kids, but it's getting old already. i don't really have a problem with letting her cry it out, but i really don't need her to wake fletcher up every night with her screaming loud crying. 

her feeding schedule is pretty much the same. i've up'd her to 6oz each bottle except her 8oz at night. she is taking her cereal and baby foods much better than she used to. it used to be a battle to keep her hands out of her mouth and her tongue from pushing the food out. now my battle is her blowing bubbles. i am often covered with little splatters when meal time is over. 

she's still a charmer and smiles at everyone. anything she gets her hands on, goes in her mouth. she loves to pull my hair. now that she is more mobile, she loves to explore her surroundings and i can already tell she is very inquisitive. 
{don't mind the spit-up pile she is playing in, i assure you that i cleaned it up after the picture was taken}

i'll leave you with a short video. this was taken a few nights after she mastered 'the crawl'. the lighting is terrible, but you can deal with it :)

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