A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 at the beginning of august, adam and i loaded the kids and headed down to des moines to go shopping during the tax-free holiday weekend. we made a list of items we were shopping for, store locations we wanted to hit and where the sales were. we left the house about 8:30 to go get my dad's truck that we were taking back down to him after getting fixed up our way. after the drop-off, we headed to g&l clothing so adam could get some work pants and a few pairs of jeans. after that, little boy was getting growly, so we decided we needed to get some food in his belly. i was driving and took the wrong exit, not that we couldn't have gotten where we were going, just an exit too early, but low and behold, adam spotted HOOTERS, so we decided to stop there for lunch.

it wasn't very busy, which is nice when you are with a 2 year old and a 6 month old. we got a table on the side where there was nobody sitting, which was perfectly fine. we looked over the menu, not really scanning what we were going to have, rather choosing the sauce we were going to put on our sandwich. we each ordered a beer and little boy got a lemonade to tie him over til his hot dog and fries showed up. in the meantime, a couple of hooters girls brought him a balloon and rubbed their boobies in his toddler face took a picture with him. i'm pretty sure little boy LOVED it.

 he ate a super good lunch and was pretty funny the whole time we were there. baby b slept, so we didn't really need to deal with her while we enjoyed our delicious, sauced buffalo chicken sandwich. i really think i could eat there five days a week, i just love a spicy chicken sandwich.

 my two boys were very proud to show off the balloon that fletcher got and to document my boy's first trip to hooters. i can guarantee that there will be many more to come. and although it was brynlee's first trip also, i don't think the girl will care about the lack of documentation on her first trip.

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