A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B gets baptized

a couple sundays ago, brynlee was baptized at our church. we invited the family up to witness the occassion and many of them came. it took place after mass so everyone could make it that had to drive. 
here's how everything happened...the tuesday before, i had emailed the priest to make sure we were still on and to make sure he had all the info he needed. on sunday, we walked in and went to our assigned seats (okay, not really assigned, but we sit in the same row every time we go.) we're sitting there and the deacon comes up to me and asks, "is this the baby that is getting baptized today?" thinking to myself that i already went over this five days ago with the priest, i answered him and then he asked if it was during or after mass. so adam comes up and sits down after dropping fletcher at the nursery and then deacan steve comes back and gives me a paper to fill out with all the info i've previously answered to the priest...i begin to think something is up since i haven't seen the priest yet. church starts and no priest walking to the alter. hmmm?!?! deacon steve does the opening prayer and then goes on to say that poor father dagit is in the hospital with kidney stones...poor boy. ok, now i know why all the mysterious questioning before mass. i think it would have been easier if this whole dilemma would have been explained when i was getting 20 questions from deacon steve. anyhow, things happened the way they were suppose to and all was good.

{many of the guests}
{getting blessed}
{little girl was gassy, and i was the only one who knew...it made me overly smiley}
{getting dunked}
{all this can make a baby tired}
{the fam and deacon steve}
{my sister-in-law and brother are the godparents}
{all the grandkids, minus the 3 oldest}

brynlee did great through the whole thing. fletcher and the nieces and nephews were well behaved. there were a few giggles between my sister and i, but that's nothing new. deacon steve did a fantastic job. after we left the church we had everyone over for lunch. it was yummy and the stress i put into cleaning my house and preparing food was well worth it. and thanks to those that brought something.
{the grub}
{such a pretty girl}
{happy baptism day baby girl}
{look close...camryn made brynlee a bracelet like hers}

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  1. What a beautiful service! You an tell Brynlee is loved very much.