A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

B at 6 months

brynlee was officially 6 months old on the 11th, but she just had her 6 month well visit yesterday. she was such a ham for the nurse and doctor. they have new electronic scales to weigh the kids and b wouldn't stay still for an accurate read on her weight. she kept grabbing at the tape measure when the nurse was trying to get a measurement for her head and she didn't really want to stretch out straight to get her length measured, but she eventually cooperated. after the doctor was done, the nurse came back in and gave b her shots. she got the oral roto-virus stuff and a shot in each leg. she only cried after the second needle was out, but it was short lived. here are her stats:
height: 26 inches, at 50%
weight: 18.4 pounds, between 75-90%
head circumference: 42 cm, below 5%
*our pediatrician doesn't do exact percentiles, but this is pretty much what she told me. 
i used what babycenter.com gave me.

{love those chunky thighs}

baby b has a charming personality, most of the time. she frequently smiles when you look at her and talk to her. sometimes she'll join in the conversation and boy does she think she's a big shot when she does. she's not really a crier unless she is overly tired or if she scoots to a place and is 'stuck', otherwise, she's a very happy baby. 

we've pretty much got a sleep routine down. not that it happens at the same time everyday, but it happens in the same order. at about 5 months, she became more predictable with her napping schedule, so i was able to figure out what needs to be done when. here's a glimpse of her sleep throughout a regular day
     awake around 7:30a
     catnap around 9a
     long nap between 12:30-3:30p
     catnap sometime between 5:30-6:30p
     asleep for the night usually by 9p
     *regularly wakes around 4:30a for about 10 minutes
 {i guess we need to strap her in, even when she's asleep}

with the routine of nap, we got on a routine of her eating as well. she has a 6oz f/bm bottle at 8a, 12:30p, 5p, and an 8oz formula bottle around 9p. when she wakes at 4:30a, i usually give her a 4oz formula bottle while i change her diaper. she's rocked while she finishes the bottle and then she's back to sleep. we are currently in the process of trying to cut that early morning bottle and have her sleep through the night. she gets baby food one time a day and prefers sweet potatoes, squash or bananas. she gets a little cereal in her baby food to make it thicker because otherwise she spits it out and it just runs down her face. she also gets a little bowl sometime before bedtime. yesterday at her doctor appointment, dr. halbur said we can start soft table food. so, last night she had some rice and a few bites of chicken and seemed to enjoy it. 

whenever she isn't sleeping or eating, she is playing. she loves to be on her tummy and reach for anything in sight. since she started getting up on all four, she has mastered the seal crawl. if she sees it, she will get it. she really moves pretty quick when she's determined to go. she enjoys the jumperoo, but that only lasts about 15-20 minutes at a time. when i need her to be confined, she gets playtime in her crib and she usually enjoys that. she loves to kiss the baby she sees in the mirror...if she only knew it was herself. brother plays with her a few times a day and she just loves it. she is always giggling at him. i hope their relationship in the future continues to be like it is now, they really adore one another. 

 baby b randomness: 
if you put her on her back, she usually rolls to her tummy to see what's going on.
anything in her hands generally ends up in her mouth. no teeth yet, but there is a lot of drool.
when being carried, she likes to see what is going on.
she started getting on all four at 5 months and a few days and is now crawling like a seal. here's a video of her in action.(bad lighting equals dark video...sorry)


  1. man she is so good at scooting for a 6 month old! i love how chubby she is. :)

  2. I can't believe how mobile she is!! What a cutie!