A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of july weekend

our weekend officially started friday when adam arrived home from his work trip. we had made plans to stay at my parents' house in des moines for a few days and then head to his dad's on monday. on friday night, my dad made lamb chops for adam and himself, while my mom and i had chicken grillers. fletcher played with the neighbor boy until he was all sweaty and tired. he was so ready to crash, but he definitely needed a bath before bedtime.

{going to play with quinten}
saturday morning, my mom and i headed downtown to the farmer's market. it was a beautiful morning to purchase fresh veggies. i left with a green and yellow zucchini, a bundle of asparagus, an eggplant, a cookie for fletch, and an outfit for bynlee. when i got back, adam told me he and fletcher were going to the fairgrounds to meet his dad at the goodguys car show. they arrived back at the house a few hours later, just in time for naps. we went to church with my parents at 5pm and then headed to a friend's house for a 4th of july cook-out. i ate way too much and enjoyed every minute of it. someof the neighbors did some fireworks in their drive that we watched for a little bit, until the bugs got too bad and we had to go in.

sunday we didn't really do much in the afternoon. we just hung out in the house most of the day. adam had football practice for his alumni game (post coming soon), and fletcher helped my mom water flowers. in the evening, the kids and i loaded into the car with my parents and we went to prairie meadows for the horse races and fireworks. my dad was meeting some of his friends from high school and we also met some neighborhood friends. fletcher loved the horses and would pick on and point at it. that was usually the one my mom bet on and lost her money on. brynlee just sat in her stroller did some people watching...i think she gets that from me.

 {picking his horse}

{waiting for the fireworks to begin}
{watching the fireworks}

monday morning adam and i got up and got the kids dressed in their fourth attire and headed south to bussey for the parade. we got there a few minutes late, but they were just  starting so we didn't miss anything except the fire engines, which i'm sure brynlee was ok with. we found adam's grandparents and stood by them and chatted a bit. when the parade was over, we went on to his dad's house and ate lunch and hung out in the pool. the weather was so nice, that it was very tolerable for brynlee, which i liked. about 4:30 we loaded back up and headed for home. there were a few things we needed to get done at the house before another week started.
 {hanging with the greats}
 {brynlee's 1st fourth}

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