A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, May 23, 2011

meal planning monday-wk 6 and packing

Monday-grilled peanut butter and apple sandwiches
Tuesday-Saucy Thai Beef Noodles
*this is just a link to a picture, but the recipe can be found in the June/July issue of Taste of Home magazine.
Wednesday-creamy pasta primavera
Thursday- tator tot casserole
Friday-chicken and tomato topped baked potatoes

i hate packing. i am an over-packer and i never wear everything i end up taking. put that with packing for two kids and an almost two week road trip...that's gonna be a lot of clothes, toys, snacks and nesseccities. after this trip we have scheduled in june, i may be home bound for awhile. on top of the packing, i'm making lists for everything that i need to pack. there's a list for toys to take, movies to take, items to purchase before we go, baby items we need to take, stops we would like to make. i really don't know why i do this to myself and stress over this, but since the end of april, my mind has been thinking about our trip and all that i need to do. i'll be happy when we are finally on our way and i can stop worrying if i forgot something.

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