A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

needed change

as you can tell, i changed the layout of the ol' blog. now i just need a new family picture and i'll be set. i like how it looks, kind of. i did something in blogger templates and couldn't figure out how to 'undo' it. i'll deal with it, i suppose. looking for comments from the few readers i have, do you like it? is the white too hard on the eyes? is the font ok or do i need to change it? taking suggestions-good or bad.
ps.i did use periods at the end of my sentences. with this font, it just doesn't look like it. i may change it due to that alone. hmmm?

1 comment:

  1. Funny. I didn't notice the small periods until you mentioned it.. but now that you say it.. they are hard to see. The white looks fine though.

    Change is good. I like the layout chosen. :)