A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my boy is two!

i survived frantic friday and scatter-brained saturday and big bash sunday and birthday monday.
my boy is two folks. TWO! i had no time to post last week because i was dealing with the fact that he is growing so fast. i was sad and overwhelmed and recovering from exhaustion. 
the party went on as planned...starting 30 minutes late because i decided to make his birthday shirt at 1130 and it wasn't finished to my likings and the birthday boy was napping. and most of us know, you don't wake a birthday boy from his nap...EVER!

the party guests arrived on time early and i wasn't ready...go figure. balloons were not blown up and signs not hung, but because our party guests arrived early, they got to help decorate. 
finally, the birthday boy made his grand entrance. burgers were flipped and dogs were turned. salads were stirred and plates were served. the food was scrumptious. thanks to those who brought a side dish.

present time was a bit chaotic. there was a huge pile and the first bag little boy opened was the obvious winner of all. he took the gifts, put them back in the gift bag and went to the front yard to play with the chalk, shovels and bucket. 

it was kind of hard to get his attention and have him focus on opening all the other gifts. it finally happened, over a 45 minute period. this mom was so excited about the sand and water table that we got him. too bad little boy didn't really care about it. it was runner up to the bike (with training wheels), a wagon, tons of bubbles and sidewalk chalk that he got. i guess i lost the gift game.

 after the never-ending gift opening, it was finally time for cake. i pretty much waited for this time. it was delicious! adam's mom is a cake maker/decorator on the side and made fletcher's monster cake that i had envisioned. there was enough leftover, we are still eating it, and enjoying it...even if it is a little dry now.

on his actual birthday, he didn't really eat his breakfast because he saw the container with all the leftover cake. he kept pointing at it, so the good mom that i am, gave the kid a cupcake for breakfast. after all, it was his day and he got what he wanted.

that evening for supper, i made something i know little boy eats every time...and we celebrated again. and he got another cupcake. we had to light the candle about ten times because my camera is getting lazy and takes forever, that and the fact that little boy loved to blow out the candle before i had time to push the button to take a picture.

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