A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, March 21, 2011

what blog?

apparently i've been slacking....again. i really don't have a reason to be absent. here's a little update from the past few weeks:
*Camryn's surgery went well. The surgeon was quite pleased with how everything went and got ALL of the tumor. Last week she finished up  her last round of chemo. Now they just wait for the stem cell transplant and then her radiation treatments after that. Hopefully she is completed with treatment by June-ish.

*We made our first road trip with Brynlee, down to Adam's Dad's. It went well, granted, it was a little less than 2 hours so we didn't really have to plan for any stops. The GG McD's got to meet the latest great grandchild and I'm pretty sure they love her to pieces.

*We've had the flu bug hit our house. Little boy woke us up one morning at 5a.m. with a nasty treat for momma. He got  over it and a few days later the daddy in our house had it. Luckily, the lovely ladies have avoided it. Lysol and bleach have been my friends lately.

*Two weeks ago, we made a quick road-trip to Chicago. Adam had to make a delivery for work and it was going to be fast, so the kids and I rode along. It was a nice get-a-way and a nice trip to see how traveling with two will go in the future.

*Last Thursday, Adam took the day off to attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade with the kids and myself. A friend and her crew joined as well. The weather was nice and the place was packed. We thought we had a great spot right at the beginning of the route, but right at the start, everyone crowded into the street and we could not see a thing. I wasn't about to take my littles where all the crazies were, so we enjoyed the big trucks we could see and little boy liked 'dancing' to the music.

*Saturday night we went to a baptism class for B. It was three hours of wasted time, but we have to do it. Yesterday was our first day back at our church since little lady was born. Hopefully we can continue making this a part of our Sunday morning routine.

*I've been thinking about little boy's birthday. Less than a month and I'm not very motivated. I have plans, but nothing set in stone. I should probably get in gear and send out invitations...maybe by the end of the week they'll be out.

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