A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a new pet

we were strolling the aisles of walmart, checking out just about everything when we came to the fish. little boy was in awe when he saw them. i'm pretty sure he said "fish", which meant i had to get him one. truth is, i've been without for a long while and i love my beta fish...little boy is just my excuse and i can justify the purchase that way.
we came home and i got the water ready. added the drops to get all the icky chemicals out of the water, which is usually the culprit of killing fish, or lack of care...either way, i was taking precaution. it sat out all afternoon to get to room temperature. at supper, his daddy and i were asking him what we were going to call it. daddy came up with some great names, like: spot, red, goldie, fish, kitty...out of the list, i think little boy decided on goldie, gold for short. after supper was cleaned up and dirty dishes were put away, little boy and i got to work.
 looks like someone was a little excited. he had everything we needed. a clean bowl with pretty red marbles, room temperature water, fish food and most importantly, a vibrant, red fish.
 very carefully, he poured in the water (actually he got a bit carried away and most of it went on the floor.)
 and then he had assistance pouring in the fish...we didn't want him to end up on the floor too.
 amazed. in love. whatever it was, he was all over this new fish thing.
 everyone knows, when you have a pet, you have to feed them...but only small amounts for our little fishy friend. little boy did a good job.
when his momma took his new little fishy friend and put him on the counter, he was not happy. he let it known that he DID NOT want his new pet anywhere but in front of him so he could look at it. little boy was distracted with bathtime and his attitude turned around rather quickly. hopefully tomorrow he is still fascinated with his fish.

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