A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birth Story...every little detail

The morning of Friday, February 11th, I woke up not feeling right. I did my normal morning routine and greeted daycare baby around 8am. Fletcher was up watching cartoons, so Trev and I went in the living room, sat down and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my boy. An hour had passed, and the feeling wasn't going away. I thought maybe I was having contractions, but the feeling wasn't anything like when I had Fletcher, so I got up and walked around the house for a bit, thinking it would go away. I finally got the boys breakfast around 9:30, and as I was standing in the kitchen, I felt a little trickle. Wasn't sure if this feeling was my water breaking or what, so I called my dad to come up and sit with Fletcher in case I would have to leave and I called Adam to tell him he should probably come home. I phoned the doctor's office and the nurse wasn't very helpful...telling me that if it was my water breaking, I would feel a gush. She told me to give it an hour and to call back and let them know the status at that time. As I waited, I noticed that when I was sitting, there was no leakage, but when I would stand or walk, I was leaking fluid.

I called back to the doctor and talked to the not so helpful nurse. She told me that "luckily there had been a few cancellations and she was able to get me in." Anyway, we had an appointment for 2:45 to get checked by the doctor. I downed a can of pineapple (I've heard that it helps thin the cervix...any help at this point would be great.) In the meantime, Adam and I walked to the post office (to try and make things progress, if this was the real deal). We got back home, made sure we had everything we would need in case we were sent to the hospital, and we left to head to Best Buy to look at external hard drives...apparently a baby will get my hubs seriously thinking about purchasing one.

We made it to the doctor. I did the ole' pee in a cup and weight check. Was called back to a room and asked to strip down. Dr. Lines checked me with the swab thing...it tells whether the leakage is amniotic fluid or not...she said it could be, but it could also be the mucous lining had become more watery. She checked my cervix, at which I was 70% effaced and 4cm dilated...a little more than I had been on Wednesday at my appointment. As she was checking me, GUSH!!!!! She had hit my bag o water just right that I finally felt the gush the nurse had been talking about. She said that I probably had a high leak and that was why I only felt like I was leaking once in a while. So, anyway, we were headed to the hospital to have a baby.

I was quite capable of walking, but the nurse felt the need to push me over to the hospital in a wheelchair. It was kinda embarrassing. We made it to the 4th floor, checked in and Nurse Deanne walked us to room 483, my home for the next few days. She ran down the details of what was happening and what we needed to do. I changed into the ever so lovely hospital gown and got comfy on the bed. I tested positive for the group b strep, so I had to have an IV antibiotic which she hooked up...only after poking me twice. Dr. Lines came in about 5pm and asked about starting pitocin. She explained that it would make labor go quicker and the contractions more intense, or I could just wait for the contractions to start on their own and see what happened. I decided for a quicker labor, so I decided to go with the pitocin. The bag was hooked up and then I was allowed to sit, walk or bounce. I chose the birthing ball and bounced the pain of the contractions away until about 7:30, at which they were getting a bit unbearable. The next time Deanne came in to check on me, I asked her about the epidural. She told me that if I wanted it, she would call the anesthesiologist. About 8pm, Dr. Fears came in to do the epidural. It seemed like forever for him to accomplish what he was doing. After hearing Adam explain him doing the procedure, I really think he took more time than he needed to...especially coming from a woman in pain. He left the room shortly after 8:30 and I was feeling pretty good from whatever he did to put the needles in my back.
{dont mind the black eye, its from red-eye fixer}
Slowly the contractions were becoming more noticeable, and at this point I asked Deanne about the epidural medicine that still hadn't shown up yet. She kept telling me that it hadn't been called to the pharmacy yet, but she was checking on it. FINALLY, at 9:40, the bag o medicine showed up in my room and was hooked up by 9:45. Deanne checked me and said I was about ready to push. At 9:55, I was pushing...mind you that the meds HAD NOT KICKED IN YET AND I WAS FEELING EVERYTHING!!!!! Deanne called the doctor (Dr. Beer was going to deliver since my doc was not on call for the weekend). I remember hearing this, "Dr. Beer, we're going to need you...uh huh...yep...ok." I pushed through the next few contractions which hurt like hell. I had physically blocked everyone out and wasn't hearing anyones voice. I don't remember the doctor coming in the room and I don't remember them holding baby's head in while she suited up. I do remember feeling baby's head come out. I remember finally opening my eyes, looking at Adam and hearing him tell me to push one more time and she would be out, to which I gave one more push and my baby girl was born.

It hurt! It hurt REAL bad. They placed Brynlee on my chest. I didn't even look at her or touch her for what seemed to be forever, but I'm sure was about a minute. I was shaking so bad. My body was in the weirdest kind of pain. When I finally looked at my sweet baby, she was covered in vernix and she had a purple face. Everyone was reassuring me that everything was ok, that the purple face was from a quick delivery...she was born at 10:10...fifteen minutes and four pushes after I had begun. I got to hold her and love on her and inspect her. She was exactly what I was expecting, only with more hair than I thought. My sweet baby girl was here and I was in love, again.


  1. Congrats. What a beautiful story. I can'tw ait to hear more about this precious new being in your life. I'm also hella impressed with your miraculous story.

    I want to hear if you think you recover more quickly by not having the meds.

  2. Congrats Jill and Adam - Beautiful baby, awesome name, Great story. Glad labor was short and went well.