A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's a week overdue, but I'll share about our Thanksgiving. We went down to Albia on Wednesday after my doctor appointment. We helped get a few things together for Thursday, then relaxed for the remainder of the evening. Thanksgiving morning, I was awakened by a little boy. His father had gotten up early and gone upstairs, so he didn't hear him. I was hoping for a little extra sleep, but I didn't get it. I walked up to the kitchen and things were cooking...it smelled so good, I could hardly wait to eat it. I requested Adam to get a newspaper so I could check out the ads, so I could plan my early morning shopping route. Adam's grandparents showed up, we talked while we waited for things to get on the table and Fletcher played with GG Glo's walker.

Finally, time to eat. I wasn't sure what to start with first, so I dove into the sweet potatoes. The turkey was delish and I'm always a fan of dressing...even dry dressing (Tina claimed it dry, I didn't think so.) Little boy hadn't had a nap yet, so things were interesting with him. He played with his food, ate very little and then started getting fussy and painting with his mashed potatoes...at that time, I declared it nap-time. I put him down and then came back to clean my plate. Dessert was widely available...six pies for seven people...one being Fletcher. I never have to debate which kind I'm having if lemon meringue is available. So, after a huge slice of pie, I was officially stuffed...good thing for elastic waisted maternity pants.

We cleaned up the mess. Said good-bye to the grandparents and then watched a bit of t.v. Since my grandparents and an aunt and uncle live close, we decided to head out there to visit with my side for a little bit. Upon arrival, everyone was eating dessert. I did not need to eat anything else, but there was a lemon dessert, so I had to try it. We visited with my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Adam made his way to the garage to see my Uncle Marty's old chevy he's redoing. Aunt Kathy took Fletcher back to see her birds. He was absolutely amazed by them. I thought he would be a little apprehensive around them, but he so wanted to touch them. One of the birds let him know that it wasn't ok. I think the birds had enough of him, so we let them be.

We headed back to Doyle and Tina's, packed up some leftovers, loaded the car and then headed for Des Moines to stay at my parent's house. Mom and I were going shopping and we needed to agree when we were leaving and where we were going. We managed to make it to all the places I wanted to go, but, didn't get ANYTHING I wanted. I think I may be a better shopper by myself, than with my mother. Next year, she's not allowed to go with me unless we go earlier and are allowed to stand in lines...after all, that's the fun of Black Friday shopping, right?!?! Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving. Spent it with people that mean so much to us.

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