A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

week 23

yo baby is at week 23 and continues to grow. statistics say she is weighing in at just over a pound and measuring about 11 inches (about the size of a large mango)...although she was measuring big at the ultrasound five weeks ago, i think she is bigger than the stats are saying.

i continue to feel good, with a few minor aches and pains in the belly if i move wrong...doc says its because my round ligaments are stretching and thickening due to my growing uterus...just what you wanted to know, right? the occasional poopy diaper gets to me, which causes the gag reflex to go into play and then an immediate rush to the bathroom in case i need to hurl. fletcher always thinks i'm playing and giggles uncontrollably when this happens...i, however, find NO humor in it.

my appetite is pretty much the same. i don't find myself eating tons or more times during the day. i have been enjoying the halloween candy that didn't go to little gobblins. i have been craving mexican in any form. we usually have tacos at least once a week, i've always wanted spicy food. this week i was craving sauerkraut.

yo baby's increasingly keen ears are preparing for her entry to the outside world. loud noises are becoming familiar now...so the sound of the vacuum (ya right) and screaming the word "NO" at her brother won't faze her when she hears them once out of the womb. she continues to wiggle inside. just recently she started 'kicking' hard enough for it to be seen from the outside. at night when adam and i are in bed, i put the remote on my belly and watch it teeter back and forth as she moves around, trying to make me more uncomfortable. she has become pretty predictable with her movements throughout the day...at least she doesn't keep me awake at night like her brother did.

my next appointment is the day before thanksgiving...good thing i get to weigh in before the big meal. it is the ever-so-fabulous glucose test that all pregnant women look forward to. i just can't wait to drink the thick, nasty, sugary shot and wait an hour to get blood drawn. until then, i'm sure i'll continue to have a few random cravings, be rushing to the bathroom to gag and attempt to get bedroom stuff situated.

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