A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

18 month check-up

Yesterday we had Fletcher's 18 month appointment. Adam was a good dad and took the morning off work to attend with us and help out, since I had to take daycare baby with. Little boy has been fighting a runny nose and has been a bit growly lately, but he did rather well considering. He didn't want to sit on the scale...tears. He didn't want to lay down so they could measure him...tears. He had a fit when the nurse measured his head...tears.
{daddy wiping a runny nose}

The stats
Height: 33 1/4 inches
Weight: 28lbs 4oz
Head: 49cm
{thought he'd weigh more...he's pretty solid}

Dr. Halbur came in and did her doctor duties. Looked in his ears, mouth, pushed on his belly, looked at his junk and so on. She asked Adam and I some questions about his vocabulary and talked to us a bit about that. Since little boy doesn't have many understandable words, I have been a bit concerned. She reassured us that if we can understand him and more importantly, he can understand us, he is doing fine. One area we are lacking as parents is teaching his body parts. She said he should be able to identify the basics; eyes, ears, nose, mouth. So last night, we were being a bit ridiculous asking and pointing to our ears, nose and belly. We also need to start limiting the paci, which will help with his word development...we're trying and he doesn't seem to want it as much. 
{getting shot number 2...not happy about it}

We had one major question for her regarding a tooth. I was explaining it to her, and right away she told us we should see a pediatric dentist. To fill you in, his bottom, right cuspid tooth (behind the adult canine tooth) is soft and has been that way for about three weeks. I thought it was swollen due to the tooth coming through. Adam pushed on it last week and it started bleeding. It doesn't seem to bother Fletcher, but has concerned me since it looks like the tooth, but is soft. Back to the doctor, when she was examining him, she was able to get into his mouth and feel around. She said that she DID feel the sharp, point of a tooth, but would still contact a dentist. She did mention that it could be an abscess, lack of enamel or just swollen. After she felt the tooth, I felt better, so we are going to wait a couple weeks to see if the tooth comes up and the gum becomes normal...if not, I'll be making the call to a pediatric dentist. 
{checking out his cool, camo band-aids}

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  1. camo bandaids make everything better. I fully appreciate that you used the word "junk" here. My sister told me that my little one's balls are huge. How's THAT for things to write in a baby book?