A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Hands on the Farm

Sorry for the two day delay, there are reasons for my slacking. I do apologize to the 2 of you who have been asking...

Our last stop at the fair was Little Hands on the Farm. If you are not familiar with this, it is an area blocked off and set up as a farm. There is a garden, an orchard, animals and pedal tractors that the littles get to experience. We walked in and were greeted by some very nice greeter girls who fitted Fletcher with an apron and a basket for his goods. He did well with both...for a short time.
{getting started}
The first task is to plant your seed(s). They had baskets with tokens that have pictures of a particular vegetable. The littles are to dig in the dirt and plant their seed. Fletcher didn't have a problem digging and playing in the dirt, but he did NOT want to put the shovel away...causing tantrum #1.
After the seeds have been planted, you have to harvest your crop. We got to pick our vegetables and put them in the basket. Fletcher chose and onion and two carrots. He wanted many more than we let him get, causing tantrum #2.
{adam did a good job carrying the basket}
{little boy not wanting to put his goods in the basket}
We finally made it to the orchard to pick an apple...Fletcher decided to pick two. What ever the boy wants, he usually gets to avoid major meltdown (especially in public)...and it really wasn't a big deal.
In the chicken coop and he had to collect eggs. We only let him get one, although he kept reaching for more. It immediately went in his mouth...good thing the salmonella outbreak hadn't been mentioned yet or we would have skipped this building...lol.
We made our way through the grain bins to collect soybeans and corn. We went through the sheep barn and collected some wool. Little boy was too small to ride the pedal tractor, so we quickly bypassed that area. I think there was only one more tantrum through all those buildings. The last barn to go through was the cattle barn. He got to milk Bessie. I wasn't sure if he would do it or not, but there was no hesitation with him to do this. The girl working in the barn did it and I think once he saw the "milk" come out, he was all over it.
{posing with daddy before we sell our goods}
After everything has been collected, there is a stand or market type area that you have to place all of your items. Adam and I tried to show him what to do, but he kept grabbing the things that were already in the baskets. We realized that he wasn't going to do what he was suppose to do so we started putting everything in their bins. As we were doing this, Fletcher reached and got a hold of a basket on the top shelf and many produce items starting falling. I grabbed him to return his basket and apron while Adam finished picking up. In exchange for ALL of Fletcher's hard work, he was paid $1 in farm cash to purchase a treat from the general store. Of all the things they had, he got to chose from raisins or cheese crackers...he chose the cheese crackers and by this time, he needed a snack and a reason to get back in the stroller. Thank you Little Hands on the Farm for letting us stay, please let us back in next year...I promise he will listen a little better.

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