A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fair Fun!

Last Sunday, we ventured out to the last day of the Iowa State Fair. Since Adam and I both work at it (grandstand security...free concerts) we usually go early a few times and try to see everything. Now that we have the Fletch, we have to make a special trip to include him. This year I had a few things planned since he was older and would recognize things and seem to enjoy it more. First we headed to the petting zoo. The animals were pretty boring since it was rather hot out, so we didn't get any up close and personal shots other than the goats and cows.
{feeding a goat. fletch wasn't impressed}
{he did seem interested in the cow}

We made our way through all of the animal barns. A trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without seeing the big pig and the big bull. The pig picture isn't very attractive, not that there's anything attractive about a pig, but he was icky dirty and you can just see his big 'ol belly and boy parts...However, Buster was standing up so I snapped a good shot of him. Adam said that one of the FFA kids said that he is a clone of one from years past. Not sure if that is actually true, but it could be??!?! We walked through the new Jacobson Building to cool off and caught the end of a horse judging.

We had a few samples of the new Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese (yum) and I scored two free bags of it. We looked at trucks and did some people watching on our way to the Agriculture Building. We checked out the butter cow and dr. suess sculptures and I had to get something for my mom. I didn't look at the big veggies, but did walk through and saw all of the giant dahlias...i love that flower. On our way out, we stopped by one of the gardens and I snapped this picture of my boys.
We climbed the hill and went in the Cultural Building. I love to look at all the pictures, but with heat and a cranky little boy, that didn't happen this year. I did want to see the sand sculpture though...
{star boars...not a great picture of it, but it works}

We had two stops left before we were ready to call it a successful trip. We took Fletcher through the baby animal building (can't remember the name of it). We saw some baby chicks, some baby lambs that had just been born that morning, and the baby pigs. I have never seen them because the lines were always sooooo long, but this year, there was no waiting. Fletcher didn't see them because we didn't want to take him out of his stroller. That would have been a nightmare trying to get him back in.
{twin lambs- pumpkin pie and sugar cookie}

{piglets...pretty sure they were new to the world}

Our final stop...Little Hands on the Farm...but you'll have to wait until Thursday for that experience.

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