A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, July 23, 2010

busy wednesday

On Wednesday, Fletcher and I journeyed to Des Moines to meet up with friends and to clean my parents' house while they are on their motorcycle trip. When we arrived in town, we went and dropped off Easton at the house then drove down to Hollie's. She wanted to show me the baby stuff she got for her 'bun' and then we were going to head out. It was time that she went to pick up her son from tutoring and then we were meeting at McDonald's because it was cheap happy meal day. Fletcher and I waited and waited and they never showed, so we went through the drive-thru and headed fro the park. Hollie called as we arrived and told us that Colton started chatting with his teacher, so they were running late...they were just getting their lunch and would be at the park soon. We found a table under a nice shade tree, ate and then the kids went and played. MaKayla took Fletcher down the slide and even pushed him in the swing. He really seemed to love the swing...especially when she pushed him really high.

After we left the park, we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's. Hollie is in charge of watering the plants and checking the garden, but the girl has NO CLUE about plants/flowers/gardens, so she had me help her with that stuff. While we were outside, I went through the garden and picked some ripe veggies. Hollie left to take Colton to karate lessons and MaKayla stayed and played with Fletcher so I could clean the house.
Jennifer just so happened to be at the zoo with the kids and a friend, so she stopped by when they were done. Both the babies needed a fresh diaper and Codi needed fed. We chatted a bit, I shared some of the garden goodies and snuggled the babies. Camryn wanted a snack...she ALWAYS wants a snack, so her and Fletcher sat at the table and enjoyed each others company over a granola bar and some nilla waffers. I managed to get a picture of the babes before they got a break from their carseats.
{chase (a bit red from the sun beating on him)}
I also was lucky enough to get a picture of the cousins together. I do believe this is the ONLY picture anyone has of the four of them. Camryn and Codi are posing, while the boys don't really care about the camera.
I finished cleaning after Jen and the kids left. Packed up the car (almost forgetting the dog), took MaKayla home and then Fletcher and I were on our way home so I could make supper for us and the hubs.

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  1. Hey Jill! I was going to e-mail you, but when I reply to a comment, it comes up with a do not reply e-mail.

    Anyway, I was going to see how often you went to the chiro when you were pregnant. I go every two weeks and have been happy with that. I love that you stopped on your way home from the hospital! I think I might have to do that too!!

    And you said that you take Fletcher. I have thought about doing that as well. I have heard for colic it really helps. You are the only person I know that has done this, so sorry if I am overloading you with questions:) If you want, you can e-mail me back at tk_mccord@hotmail.com