A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a day on the town

On Saturday, Adam and I took the afternoon to celebrate our anniversary. My sister was generous enough to watch Fletcher for us, so we could go to a movie, grab lunch and head to the mall for a bit. We left home around 9am and headed to Des Moines. We needed to head to my parents' house to get a few things from their garden and to grab the blow-up pool to take to Jennifer's. We actually got to see Mom and Dad before they headed off for their week long motorcycle journey.
We headed over to Jen's to drop off Fletcher and for a little snuggle time with the twins before we headed to the 12:15 showing of The Karate Kid.
The Karate Kid
I thought it was a good remake of the original. There were some very similar parts, some quite different, but the ending is what you'd expect. I'd recommend it to anyone who liked the original.
After the movie, we went to Red Robin. I had never been and Adam has a few times. The commercials have been on a lot lately and I can not get them out of my head, so I just needed to know what the YUM! is all about. I had the whiskey river bbq chicken sandwich and it was YUM alright. One thing I especially liked was the
Bottomless FriesI am a huge fan of the potato and so I had to take them up on all the fries I could eat. Although they were yum, I didn't eat as many has I thought I could because the sandwich was pretty big.
Once we were done, we were off to Jordan Creek. We needed to hit up
so I could get my ring cleaned. It is the one time a year I know that it is going to get all nice and shiny again. We walked around a bit, hit a few stores and then went to get our boy.
Once at Jennifer's, we had to snuggle some more with Codi and Chase....and Fletcher wasn't done playing with Camryn or her markers. We chatted and caught up on the latest and then we made our way home. It was a long day for all three of us and some down time before bed was needed. I must say that I had a great day with my hubby and Fletcher told me that he had a fun day with his cousins and Aunt Jen. Maybe next year we'll do it again.

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