A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Monday, June 14, 2010

garage sale goodies

This past weekend was city wide garage sale in town. Adam and I had planned on doing one both Friday and Saturday, but I wasn't very excited about doing it Friday by myself...and having Fletcher with no help. I procrastinated badly. Originally, I wasn't going to open until noon...I wanted to head out and see what kind of deals I could find for my boy. When I woke up, it was very dark and rainy, making me not want to do it if it was going to be like that...no one would be out in the rain. I got up and made my way to the few I had seen listed on Craigslist, Fletcher in tow, and found a few good bargains.
{baby gate and double stroller to haul daycare kids, 32$ total}
By the time we made it back home, the sun was out and it was SOOOO humid....another reason I didn't want to do it. Fine, I was NOT going to do this darn garage sale. I loaded Fletcher in his carseat, drove to Marshalltown to visit Angie and Payton, and then to meet up with Adam for lunch. While at lunch, Adam and I discussed that I could make it home in time to get set up and open at 3pm. That was the plan, until I got home. I was sleepy and Fletcher was too. So, instead of opening, we took a nap...much needed and appreciated nap. Saturday HAD to happen. We were already partially set up and I had a friend coming up to help. Friday evening after we ate supper, I headed to the garage to get more things organized and the rest of the boxes unpacked. I was going to do this. I had to do this! Alarm set, clothes laid out, money ready, and off to bed I went. Saturday morning when the alarm went off, I was ready to tackle this garage sale thing...even though it was lightning and thundering like crazy...and pouring down rain. I made my way out, set up the remaining things and opened the door, posted the sign and sat...for 2 hours...without a customer. Low and behold, the sun came out by 10am and the people just started flowing in. I had a few sales, and then I had the three biggest shoppers of the day. Juan, Carlos and Jesus (not really sure of their names, but that's what they looked like) came and bought 70$ worth. They bargained with me, but I was okay with it because I just wanted the stuff gone. They bought tons of Adam's old clothing and a few other odds and ends. Beth showed up with her stuff and with the yummy muffins she brought for breakfast. The people just kept coming and going, with a few sales here and there. About 1:30 Adam took over so Beth and I could walk down to the corner and see what the neighbors had to offer. JACKPOT!! A friend of the gal that lives at this particular house has twin boys, a year older than Fletcher. Let me just tell you about the clothes I got. Everything was in great condition. Everything was name brand (not a big deal to me, but a plus). Everything was his size. Everything was just what I was looking for. Everything was CHEAP!
{tons of clothes to make it through winter...this isn't all of them either, 25$}
Best part, she gave me some stuff and she didn't charge me what she wanted for all of it...and I got her number so we can have playdates with our boys and some momma time for us. SCORE! Who knew you could make a BFF at a garage sale?!?!? We returned and Adam just looked at me with that "i know i shouldn't have let you go" grin. Anyway, I made some great finds and we sold enough to justify my spendings. End of garage sale, the rest is getting packed once again and heading to Goodwill so I don't have to deal with it anymore.
{the following morning we thought we'd try on some of the goods}

{my sleepy boy, in a garage sale outfit}

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  1. Hey, didn't see an email, so thought I'd comment here. I just got picture frame hangars that you nail into the back of the wood and hung them. Email me if you have more ?s btw--I LOVE garage sales myself!