A Tale of 4 Micks

A Tale of 4 Micks

Friday, May 21, 2010

weekend recap

Adam's work was having a company social at the Barnstormers game so we decided we would go. His ticket was purchased by work, so all we would have to do is buy mine, which was only $13...pretty cheap, and didn't want to pass it up. I always enjoy hanging around his work peeps, so after a week of babies, I was finally getting to have adult time. Kurt Warner was at the game, being honored. Since it was my first EVER Barnstormers game, I was taking it all in. It was really fun. I would love to go again sometime.
Fletcher got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Jackovich. Him and Grandpa always seem to have a pretty good time together. Grandpa sneaks treats to the boy, I think that's why they get along so well. Grandma had a going away party for a gal at work, so the boys got to spend some quality time together. They had supper, with much of Fletcher's ending up on the floor and played outside. Grandpa is always good at cuddling and putting the little guy to sleep, so when Grandma came home from The Meadows, she put him to bed...and woke up Grandpa.

{barnstormers v. arizona rattlers}

(retiring kurt warner's #13}

Bright and early, we left my parents' and headed to Albia to Adam's dad's house. The big boys have been working on a car fixin' project and Tina, Fletcher and I did a bit of running. We went to get some flowers I haven't been able to find. We hit up a few garage sales (I found some great bargains) and we played outside since it was absolutely gorgeous. Jesse and Reba were graduating that night, so Adam, Doyle and Tina got ready to go and Fletcher and I headed to Ottumwa to get some medicine for a little boy who had been hit with allergies. I phoned a friend to see if she was going to be around, she was, so we planned a quick dinner date at Burger King. Its been a while since I've seen Steffanie and Trae, so it was nice to catch up over a couple Jr. Whoppers. They boys played and shared some laughs...even with the seven year age gap. Fletch and I headed back to Albia just in time to get pj's on and to head to Jesse's graduation party. We didn't stay long because of the time...about an hour past bedtime for Fletcher, but we were able to congratulate the graduate.

{helping daddy with the wiring}

{driving his car}

{at BK with trae and steff}

{cousin jesse and fletch}
Adam worked on the car with Doyle. I chatted with Tina and then Fletch and I took a nap. He still wasn't feeling the greatest and I just wanted to catch up on some lost sleep. We were headed to Reba's graduation party that afternoon, so we needed to shower and get ready, along with packing our bags once again. We headed to Reba's party. Enjoyed some red and blue slushes, saw Grandma Rock, GG Glo, GG Harold and some other family members. Reba got interviewed by a local radio station and then we said goodbye and headed back to the house to get Easton and our things, so we could venture north.

{cousin reba and fletch}

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